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Relax and UnWind

Let yourself be taken away to a place of relaxation and luxury with our full body massages. State of Maryland Licensed Massage Therapists and Registered Massage Practitioners work with your individual ailments, tension, and needs for an escape to make your body feel its best.


A 30-minute massage is ideal for those looking to treat a specific area of concern, or for those who have never experienced a massage before. It’s also perfect for our busiest guests, who don’t have an hour to spare but still want to reap the benefits of self-care.


An hour-long experience to immerse you in a joyful, stress-free state. This length of time can be utilized however you prefer; full body relaxation, targeting a specific area of concern, or a combination of both! Enhance, and customize your experience with one of our rejuvenating indulgences–deep tissue, hot stone


Experienced massage guests know that sometimes, an hour just isn’t long enough! The extra time allows for your body and mind to achieve deep relaxation and ensures that your therapist can give each area of concern the attention it needs. This massage is ideal for incorporating one or more of your favorite enhancements!

COUPLE’S SERENITY MASSAGE- 60 Minutes  | 90 Minutes

Enjoy an intimate massage service  with someone special. Complete your massage with a glass of champagne and gourmet chocolates. The couple’s suite is reserved for an additional 30 minutes, so you can fully enjoy your relaxation! Non-alcoholic refreshments are also available. Please select this option at the time of booking so we can make sure the Couple’s Suite is reserved just for you! Please note, pricing listed is Per Person. 

A TIME FOR TWO | 60 Minutes

Our Massage Therapists have a high demand on their time. To accommodate the requests for couples services, we have designed a new service offering with you in mind. 

Enjoy a serenity experience with your Bestie! This experience offers side-by-side signature treatments in our private couple’s suite. Choose from a Facial Experience, Body Wrap Treatment, or Full Body Massage. This one hour indulgence concludes with champagne and chocolates, while you continue to relax in a private suite after your service. 


Customize your massage to your heart’s content! Make your selection ahead of time or ask your Massage Therapist! Please note, some indulgences may require extra time.
Hot Oil Scalp Massage

Indulge in a deeply relaxing scalp massage featuring a meditative hot oil application that works to relax tight muscles in the temple and neck regions. 

CBD Muscle Relaxer

Choose between a warming Hemp Relaxation Oil that deeply penetrates the muscles and provides intense relaxation with full-spectrum CBD, or CBD Blue Matcha Cooling Balm to reduce soreness and inflammation. 

CBD Hot Stone Therapy

The ultimate in relaxation and pain relief! This coveted treatment utilizes a Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil infused with healing cannabinoids (CBD) and crafted with unique heat-activation. The warming sensation is heightened with the use of hot stones to deeply penetrate tired, aching muscles and restore function and movement to your most troublesome areas. 

Positively Ageless

Enjoy your Serenity Massage with the addition of an anti-aging body oil to treat your skin as well as your muscles. Made from a blend ofUS-Grown, Non-GMO Seed Oils, our selection of naturally scented body oils will help skin retain moisture and fight the signs of aging. 

Luxurious Hot Stones

Indulge in a luxurious and grounding massage. Our Hot Stone indulgence uses the localized heat and weight of smooth basalt stones to improve circulation and deeply relax your muscles, allowing your massage therapist to manipulate muscle tension with less pressure. Select a few hots tones to treat only your tightest muscles, or experience the wonder of a full body hot stone treatment. 

Cold Stone Migraine Relief

Eliminate or drastically reduce migraine pain with this treatment consisting of cold marble stones, essential oils, and headache point release. For best results, receive treatment at the onset of symptoms.

Foot Renewal

Having a rough day? This popular service addition will rejuvenate your sore, tired feet. A sugar and shea butter scrub will smooth cracked heels, and our highly coveted Honey Heel Glaze will soften and hydrate while cocooned in heated mitts, soothing your soles. 

Back Renewal

Suffering from dry skin? Enjoy a refreshing scrub treatment to sweep away dry skin and deeply moisturize your hard to reach back and shoulder area. Enjoy the relaxing and results boosting addition of a hot towel compression with this treatment. 


Experience this relaxing ancient practice to relieve modern day stress. Reflex points on the feet are stimulated to help restore balance to the entire body.

Prenatal Massage

A soothing and supportive massage performed in the second and third trimesters. This nurturing massage eases pregnancy-related discomforts. For high-risk pregnancies, please consult with your physician prior to receiving a pregnancy massage. **Please inform The Spa during booking if you require a Prenatal Massage, as extra set up is required. 

Cupping Therapy

Experience a massage like no other! A cupping treatment will unblock channels of energy in the body to restore and improve overall wellbeing. Cupping helps boost healing, alleviate muscle strain, and speed up muscle recovery! In addition, it breaks down scar tissue, and stimulates the body to release toxins and heal itself naturally. This treatment can provide incredible results for the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks! 

Therapeutic Deep Tissue

Using firmer pressure and slower movements to reach deeper layers of muscle, our Deep Tissue Indulgences perfect for guests who may be experiencing chronic aches and pain, limited range of motion, and/or inflammation issues. Feedback on the pressure is encouraged to ensure a comfortable and pain-relieving session. Select to have a targeted deep tissue treatment that focuses on a specific area of concern, or choose a full body deep tissue for a more intense muscle workout. 


Need a Fresh escape? Drift away with Essential Oils added to your treatment to help unwind the mind, body, and spirit.


In an effort to serve you better, please fill out the necessary In-Take Form and bring to your Massage Session. If you choose to complete the form at The SWM, please arrive 15 minutes prior to the appointment reservation.

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