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Relax and UnWind

Let yourself be taken away to a place of relaxation and luxury with our full body massages. State of Maryland Licensed Massage Therapists and Registered Massage Practitioners work with your individual ailments, tension, and needs for an escape to make your body feel its best.


The perfect choice for total body relaxation and well being. This popular massage reduces stress, relieves muscle tension, increases blood and lymph circulation, and bolsters the immune system. A light to medium pressure is used.

Sessions: 30 min. | 60 min. | 90 min.


Ideal for areas of chronic and acute muscle tension. Work is done on both superficial and deep muscles with slow, detailed techniques. Client feedback on the pressure is encouraged to ensure a comfortable and pain-relieving session. A firm to deep pressure is used.

Sessions: 30 min. | 60 min. | 90 min.


Indulge in a luxurious and grounding massage. Heated polished basalt stones are used for placement on the body and with slow strokes to increase circulation, soften muscle tissue and calm the central nervous system.

Sessions: 60 min. | 90 min.


A soothing and supportive massage performed in the second and third trimesters. This nurturing massage eases pregnancy-related discomforts. For high-risk pregnancies, please consult with your physician prior to receiving a pregnancy massage.

Sessions: 60 min. | 90 min.


Experience this relaxing ancient practice to relieve modern day stress. Reflexes on the feet are stimulated to help restore balance to the entire body.

Sessions: 30 min.


Eliminate or drastically reduce migraine pain with this treatment consisting of cold marble stones, essential oils, and headache point release. For best results, receive treatment at the onset of symptoms.

Session: 30 min.


Tired muscles are given a rejuvenating Hi-Bio Hemp Shae Butter rubdown, followed by a cooling balm to ease muscle tension and promote circulation with CBD Blue Matcha.

Sessions: 60 min.| 90 min.


Swellness is a thing!  This nourishing, dual phase, and sweet oat scented body oil combines luminosity with age fighting ingredients.  Full spectrum Hemp Oil with healing CBD, fatty acids and antioxidants are deeply penetrated into tired aching muscles with our signature Hot Stone Massage.  Muscles are melted and relaxed during this 60 or 90 Minute Massage treatment.  An instant hydrating relaxer!

Session: 60 min. | 90 min.


Experience a massage like no other!  Not only is Cupping Therapy a stress-buster, it will unblock channels of energy in the body to restore and improve overall well being. Cupping Therapy helps boost healing, alleviate muscle strain, helps speed up muscle recovery and breaks down scar tissue and heals it naturally.  It is a miracle cure for ailments such as cellulite and stretch marks.  Relax with a Serenity signature massage treatment with warm cups placed on pressure points of the body to create natural suction, acting as a vacuum by lifting the skin and holding it there to help release toxins and blockages.

Sessions: 30 min. | 60 min.


A time for two…enjoy an intimate massage service with someone special.  Enjoy a glass of champagne and gourmet chocolates after your massage experience.  The couple’s suite is reserved an additional 30 minutes for your relaxation pleasure! Enjoy!

Couples Massage Service options include Serenity, Therapeutic Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, and Pregnancy.


Customize your massage experience by adding an IndulgEnce!

AromaTherapy $16

Need a Fresh escape? Drift away with Essential Oils added to your treatment to help unwind the mind, body, and spirit.

Targeted Deep Tissue $30

Upgrade your Serenity Back Massage to Therapeutic Deep Tissue. Perfect if you desire a relaxing massage but just need a little extra pressure in that certain spot!

Cold Stone Migraine Relief $66-86

Chill out from a migraine! Choose to add Cold Marble Stones & Essential Oils to reduce migraine pain. This treatment is best at the start of migraine symptoms.

Sugar and Honey Foot Scrub $26

Having a rough day?  This popular service addition will freshen, exfoliate and moisturize tired feet. A sugar shae butter scrub smoothes skin to be prepped for an application of honey heel glaze.  The feet will be cacooned in heated mitts to deeply penetrate tired soles.

Reflexology $30

On your feet all day? Relax with focused attention to your feet during the massage session. Reflex points to organs, glands and specific parts of the body are stimulated to help balance the body.

A Few Hot Stones $30

This Guest favorite is sure to please! Choose to add Hot Basalt Stones to select tension areas or Cold Stones to ease migraine and sinus headaches.

Extend the Session $30

Want to prolong the inevitable? Every massage must end… but we can extend your session by fifteen minutes!

Back Renewal $26

Shae butter will deeply moisturize while sugar crystals sweep away dry skin cells from the hard to reach back area.  A warm towel is added for extra pleasure!

Hot Oil Scalp Massage $26

Indulge in a deeply relaxing scalp massage featuring a meditative application of warmed essential oils to calm the mind and melt away stress.

Positively Ageless $16

Full body anti-aging oil will deeply moisturize while antioxidants fight the signs of aging.  Choose from our Signature Agave Nectar or a Custom Seasonal Selection of Essential Oils.

CBD Muscle Relaxer $26

Warming CBD Oil will penetrate into the muscle with healing powers of natural hemp while antioxidants fight the signs of aging and rejuvenate tired muscles.

CBD Cool Revival $26

Glide in zen hydration with this hydrating body balm infused with CBD, Blue Matcha, and farm grown spearmint extract.  Melting on contact with the skin, muscle tensions will be blown away with a crisp cool feel.

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In an effort to serve you better, please fill out the necessary In-Take Form and bring to your Massage Session. If you choose to complete the form at The SWM, please arrive 15 minutes prior to the appointment reservation.

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