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Lalicious Luxury Massage Services


Luxury Massage Services

featuring Lalicious Specialty Products


The LALICIOUS Extraordinary Whipped Sugar Scrub is like no other scrub on the market. Its formula is meticulously crafted to deliver the most hydrating and high performance results. The specialty technique creates a whipped and light texture a for flawless and enjoyable application.


The LALICIOUS Core collection is saturated with compelling scents that create an unforgettable experience. Not only are the scents addictively intoxicating, but  they also deliver phenomenal results that make our massage therapists and practitioners proud to use them repeatedly. Combining indulgent scents with truly performance driven results  make these products a must-have in every bathroom. The Core Collection is available for your home enjoyment in our reception area!


All of the LALICIOUS products are made using high quality and natural ingredients  that are nourishing to the skin and body. Using ingredients such as Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E Oil give the skin natural hydration that lasts all day.


The LALICIOUS Core collection encompasses rich formulations filled with high quality and efficacious ingredients. The luxurious spa quality formulas create the perfect Spa experience allowing for an indulgent escape.

Lalicious Core Fragrance Collection

SUGAR TIARE FLOWER – An intoxicating blend of exotic flower blossoms for a relaxing tropical escape.

BROWN SUGAR VANILLA – A decadent mixture of Vanilla and Caramel.

SUGAR COCONUT – Escape to any tropical shore with its luxurious fresh coconut scent.

SUGAR KISS – Escape into our best most popular scent, featuring a sensual blend of Citrus, Rose and Vanilla

SUGAR LEMON BLOSSOM – Spring is always in the air with this refreshing blend of floral notes and lemon zest.

SUGAR REEF – Experience this spa favorite, Sugar Reef—a subtle soufflé of White Tea, Melon and Ginger.

Spa Mixology

The art of blending scents, sensations and services to create an extraordinary spa experience.  We begin with our singularly perfected fragrances. When used in combination, these fragrances create an infinite palate of personalized aromatic blends. We then add an array of sensations: stimulating sugar scrubs, silky smooth body butter and the meditative application of warmed oil. We conclude with unique service protocols that combine several treatment modalities: soothing hot stones, illuminating body polishes and revitalizing wraps. By mixing fragrances, sensations, and treatment types, you can tailor your spa experience to address your exact preferences and desires.

Our Favorite Mixology Recipes


Peppermint Latte – A guaranteed pick-me-up of Coffee and Peppermint

Vanilla Latte – Coffee with a sprinkling of Brown Sugar Vanilla

Peppermint Lemondrop – Intoxicating Peppermint with a Lemon twist


Tahitian Cocktail – Coconut with a Tiare Flower garnish

Tropical Twist – Refreshing Sugar Reef and a hint of Lemon

Island Breeze – Sugar Reef with a Coconut infusion


Summer Sparkler – Exotic Tiare Flower with a shot of Sugar Kiss

Lavender Lemonade – Lavender with a Lemon chaser

Garden Mixer – Relaxing Lavender paired with Tiare Flower

Massage and Body Mixologies


60 min. | 90 Min.

Indulge your body and soul with our signature massage. Soothing hot stones melt away stress from head to toe while your senses delight in our luxuriously scented and richly hydrating Body Oil. This full-body massage concludes with a deeply relaxing hot oil scalp massage with a nurturing and nutrient rich blend of comfrey, ginger and primrose extracts.


60 min.

The best antidote to common areas of stress and tension. We begin with an invigorating and purifying Sugar Scrub for the back and continue with focused massage providing relief and relaxation for your back, neck and shoulders.


60 min. | 90 Min.

The perfect mixology of spa treatments, our Re:Freshology is a full spa day retreat in one service. Experience a revitalizing, richly hydrating Sugar Scrub exfoliation and wrap for your legs and feet, erase tension in your neck, shoulders and arms with our body butter massage and ease your mind with our signature scalp treatment.


60 min.

Revitalize your skin with an Illuminating Body Polish. Rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin E, our Sugar Scrub restores your skin to its youthful and radiant glow. A hydrating Body Butter application nourishes and protects your skin with a blend of Aloe, Shea Butter and Safflower Oil.


60 min.

Be completely relaxed and pampered. The nurturing begins with our exclusive anti-inflammatory and energizing foaming foot exfoliation. A focused massage for your feet, legs, arms neck and shoulder rejuvenates tired muscle and nourishes your skin with our Vitamin E and Aloe-infused Body Butter. A deeply relaxing hot oil scalp massage features a proprietary blend of comfrey, ginger and primrose extracts calms the mind and melts away stress.


90 min.

The perfect preparation for your magical day. Combine any of our Signature Facial Treatments with our full body Sugar Scrub followed by a richly hydrating Body Butter application. Your skin will be luminous and deliciously soft from head to toe.

Mixology enhancements

Customize your massage session


15 minutes | $21

A deeply relaxing scalp massage featuring a meditative application of warmed oil to calm the mind and melt away stress.


15 minutes | $21

A gentle pure cane sugar exfoliation and wrap followed by an intensely hydrating Body Butter massage restores and revitalizes your hands.


15 minutes | $21

A gentle pure cane sugar exfoliation and wrap followed by an intensely hydrating Body Butter massage restores and revitalizes your feet.


30 minutes | $51

Rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin E, our Sugar Scrub returns your skin to its youthful and radiant glow. A hydrating Body Butter application nourishes and protects with a blend of Aloe, Shea Butter and Safflower Oil.

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